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Flat cables

General Wires & Cables


Flat cable consists of numbers of insulated wires arranged in parallel and saves weight and space. Flat cables have developed to meet customer needs in minimizing electronic/ equipment and high-density wiring. Reduction of misconnection and accurate wire termination contributes to reduce the operating costs.

  • The flat form disperse loads on the cables so that cables maintain excellent cut through resistance, friction resistance, and elasticity

  • Suitable for high- density wiring and weight saving wiring

  • As the wires are arranged in parallel, wiring risk will be considerably reduced.

  • Terminal connection can be achieved with great ease and accuracy, raises productivity and reduce costs

  • High thermal diffusivity allows high electrical current operation

  • Fluoropolymer insulation provides excellent signal transmitting properties and reduce attenuation and crosstalk

  • Outstanding flexibility superior flex life

  • JUNFLON® PTFE flat cable is inflammable and resistant up to 200°C Special types are available for pressure welding(IDC), flexible, and signaltransmission applications

  • Blue–line PVC flat cables have been specially developed to meet customer needs in pressure welding applications to simplify terminal connections dramatically


  • Inter and intra connections of electrical and electronic/electrical equipments and space appliances


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