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Peelable Heat-shrink Tubes are suitable for the Polyamide-Welding process of Catheters and lamination
process of Guide Wires. Advantages of traditional FEP-HST are the strong force of shrink compression
compared to other HST, like Polyolefin HST, though both of these can not be peelable, so it is difficult to
remove. Simply make a 10mm slit on one end of the Junflon® Peelable Heat-shrink tube, and you can
then “PEEL” from the slit side to  the other - you don’t have to slit along the way anymore!
Also, Junflon® PHST has the same characteristics as traditional FEP-HST. Therefore, it is easy to replace
traditional FEP-HST with our PHST since it can be used in the same shrink conditions. The difference
between PHST and traditional FEP-HST is that PHST has peelability. PHST provides you with higher
throughput and yields, as well as improved ergonomics. Also, PHST is manufactured from materials
which meets USP Class VI Plastics requirements.

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High Flex Cables

These cables are sheathed with special PVC which provides excellent low particle emissions in the outermost layer. Junkosha offers these cables in both flat and round from in order to response for a wide range of applications. These cables are ideally suited for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment where it requires extremely clean environment. Contact the Junkosha customer service center or a sales representative after referring to the Robot cable design communication sheet.

RF Cables

Junkosha offers a wide range of coaxial cables such as high-frequency coaxial cables, microwave coaxial cable, and twinaxial cable. These cables have controlled characteristic impedance and other electrical properties. Junkosha has developed numbers of cables to meet expanding customer's needs, for instance accelerating transmission speed, cable thinning for high-density wiring and widening the range of frequency characteristics


Double layered structure improved tubes flexibility, kink-proof property and abrasion resistance, which were impossible for fluoropolymer tube. Excellent fluid repellency by using specific fluoropolymer for inner layer. Single molding process generates the complete adhered tube, and no gaps between each layer. For UP1 series, there are special fittings, "US2", which has the twist preventing mechanism.

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