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Hookup wires

General Wires & Cables


JUNFLON® hookup wires are widely used for internal wiring of electronic/electrical equipments, providing outstanding electrical properties needed for high-density wiring and great reliability of mechanical strength.

  • Continuous use in wide continuous operating temperature range is possible. PTFE insulated wires are thermally resistant in the range from -253°C to 260°C
    Note: Nickel plated annealed copper is applied for use in environment over200°C

  • Flame resistant and low smoke generation

  • Great soldering resistance

  • Resistant to most chemicals and solvents

  • Stable electrical properties in wide temperature and frequency range

  • Contributes for space and weight saving wiring

  • Low frictional coefficient enables easy simple wiring

  • Non-adhesiveness enables a foreign matter to remove from the surface easily

  • Great weather resistance

  • Excellent electrical and mechanical properties, hardly change by aging, allow long term operation


  • Internal connections and controlling line of electronic/electrical equipment such as computers and electronic exchange systems, which high-reliability is required

  • Wiring of high-frequency equipment which used for broadcast, transmission, and measuring instruments

  • Internal connection wire and lead wire for high-temperature equipment, such as thermostatic chambers, projectors, and water heaters, which heat resistance is demanded

  • Enables space and weight saving wiring for compact electronic/electrical equipment

Examples of other properties / applications are:

  • Chemical resistance/Chemical equipments, Freon resistance/Freezer, Weather resistance/Equipments for shipping and unmanned observation aerial vehicle, Flame resistance/Wiring for emergency line, and Cyogenic temperature resistance/Lead wire and power cable for measuring element of liquid gases


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