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Transmission Line


These assemblies integrate small/ultrafine gauge(AWG40 to AWG52) coaxial cables(JUFLON SGC and UGC).
Enabling high-density wiring in medical devices, precision machines, and mobile terminals, they provide improved durability against complex device movements and enhanced noise resistance during signal transmission.

Developed for high-density wiring, these ultrafine coaxial cable assemblies are combine Junkosha’s fine-wire technologies and the outstanding characteristics of fluoropolymers. Drawing on high-quality, high-precision fine-wire processing technologies developed from assembly automation technologies, Junkosha creates and proposes products that offer high durability and excellent anti-noise performance for products that requires high-density internal wiring, like laptop computers, digital cameras, and mobile phones.

Transmitting multi-channel high-resolution signals between ultrasound diagnostic systems and probes requires high-performance multi-core coaxial cables. Junkosha develops and provides probe cables that combine high-density fine wiring technologies with the outstanding characteristics of fluoropolymers.



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