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Fluoropolymer Inner-layer Flexible Tube

Fluoropolymer Inner-layer Flexible Tube
  • Double layered structure improved tubes flexibility, kink-proof property and abrasion resistance, which were impossible for fluoropolymer tube.

  • Excellent fluid repellency by using specific fluoropolymer for inner layer.

  • Single molding process generates the complete adhered tube, and no gaps between each layer.

  • For UP1 series, there are special fittings, "US2", which has the twist preventing mechanism.

  • Tubes for painting equipment

  • Tubes for dental equipment

  • Tubes for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  • Tubes for transporting solvents

  • Tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

  • Tubes for food manufacturing equipment

  • Tubes for transporting viscous fluids

  • Tubes for centralized lubricating equipment

  • Tubes for analysis equipment

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