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PFA Tube, FEP Tube

PFA Tube, FEP Tube
  • Excellent heat and cold resistance.

  • Temperature range for continuous no-load use 
    PFA: -65 to +260°C 
    FEP: -65 to +200°C

  • Inactive in regard to almost chemicals or solvents.

  • Excellent resistance to weather and it does not change with age.

  • Almost nothing sticks to it, and even if it does, it is easily removed.

  • Flame-resistant.

  • Excellent electrical characteristics.

  • No risk of elution of poisonous substances.

  • Tubes for transporting corrosive fluids

  • Tubes for transporting solvents or chemicals

  • Tubes for transporting viscous fluids

  • Tubes for food plants

  • Tubes for transporting various types of liquid

  • Various types of equipment which require heat resistance, high insulation and high frequency characteristics.

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